7 best free conference call services

Today, we no longer have to be physically present to participate in meetings. Web and video conferencing solutions have allowed us to hold productive meetings with people who are literally on the other side of the planet.

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Our favorite free video and conferencing call software

Modern technology and growing internet speeds have brought about the rise of telecommuting. Companies used to spend a lot of money to send executives to meetings a few years ago. It wasn’t just airfare and hotel costs; the productivity loss while employees were in transit also had to be taken into account.

Today, we no longer have to be physically present to participate in meetings. Web and video conferencing solutions have allowed us to hold productive meetings with people who are literally on the other side of the planet. Here’s a list of some of the best web and video conferencing tools for your business:

  1. EZ TalksEZ Talks is another strong option in the arena of free video conferencing services.  EZ Talks provides both video and audio conferencing services, and up to 100 people can participate in a meeting at once.  EZ Talk offers free 1GB cloud storage for your recording, and its interactive features include screen sharing, with which you can share applications, documents, and images during video conferences, as well as an “interactive whiteboard” tool that allows users to diagram ideas or take notes for all to see.  EZ Talk users also have an IM chat option, which enables users to exchange public or private text messages in real time.   Other great options include the ability to mute or unmute participants, controlling who speaks through the “permit control” feature, and using a scheduling tool provided to plan the next meeting. It’s a great, free choice with a lot of great features. EZ Talks also gives users the option to upgrade to even more sophisticated features by signing up for one of it’s paid plans, the options for which are highlighted on its website.  The choices are many and the service is excellent!
  2. TokBox: Another well-executed, free video conferencing option is TokBox.  TokBox allows users to easily conduct group video conferences with around 20 to 25 participants.  TokBox does not require a download to use, and it is very user-friendly.  Recently, TokBox has added its OpenTok feature, which has emerged as one of the leading WebRTC platforms for embedding live video, voice, and messaging to websites, as well as to mobile apps. TokBox works seamlessly across web, mobile, and desktop platforms, and has excellent customer service.
  3. Wiggio: Wiggio is a group-management service with a lot of wonderful options, and best of all, it’s free!  Wiggio allows users to plan meetings and projects, send mass texts, and take polls in a group.  Conference calling is also an important feature, and users can set up a group within the system, or invite participants individually.  During a call, Wiggio provides the moderator with the optino to switch between modes, and mute callers, if necessary.  It also supports screen sharing, as a well as a whiteboard for the easy exchange of ideas among the group.
  4. GroupMeGroupMe began as a group messaging app, but has now expanded to offer wonderful (and free!) conference call options.  Group me allows users to create groups, and each group is assigned a single phone number.  Texting that number allows a user to reach out to the entire group, and calling it will set up an instant conference call with the whole group.  GroupMe’s conference call service does not include any scheduling or meeting invite options, so it’s best used for smaller teams, or for more informal communications where a lot of additional features aren’t needed.
  5. SpeekSpeek is another free conference calling option that’s very simple and user friendly.  Users simply register to receive a personalized link, which any guest can then use to join the call with just a click.  Users can share their screen or chat within the conference, and can also share files.  File sharing is integrated with both DropBox and GoogleDrive, allowing for the effortless sharing of important information as necessary.  Users also have the option to record a conference call, and to use a mobile app for easy access as well.
  6. UberConference: UberConference offers unlimited free conference calling, and is a wonderful option for those looking for an affordable way to conference with their group.  It supports file sharing from your computer, as well as screen sharing, and free call recording.  As a nice extra feature, users can even choose to select custom hold music to convey the perfect impression to callers.  For an easy, free conferencing option, UberConference may be the perfect choice for you.
  7. Google Hangouts: No list would be complete without Hangouts! Google Hangouts may not have the same extensive suite of features that paid solutions offer, but it is still a strong contender in the video conferencing space. Its best feature is the fact that you don’t need to install an actual program on your computer to use it. All you have to do is to go to the website, log in with your Google account, and use the service. This is especially useful for cases where you need to attend a meeting, but don’t have your personal computer with you.

Today, it’s easier than ever to remain connected to the people that are important to you.  The pace of business moves rapidly, and it’s important to be able to reach out to discuss important information with your team, regardless of where you’re located.  With these services, everyone can be together, even when miles apart.  With great features, many free options, and excellent customer service, one is sure to be a great fit for your business needs.


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