7 things to consider when choosing a webinar platform

Deciding which webcasting tool to use is an important step towards planning your perfect webinar

In today’s increasingly global business environment, there’s a need for the opportunity to connect with others in ways other than face-to-face. Perhaps there’s a great distance between you and your client or coworker that you need to meet with. Maybe you are looking to host an informational seminar yet want to ensure the method you share your info is convenient for your guests. A voice-only phone call is a common solution, yet can still be limited by missing out on body language and other mannerisms that add to the conversation and presentation.

Video conferencing, webinars and webcasting tools have grown in popularity to meet the demand of connecting with customers, guests, co-workers, boards and other important populations to elevate the typical phone conversation. Webinars in particularly provide a convenient option to share information and connect with registrants from where they are.

When it comes to webinar and webcasting software, there are a lot of options out there. Each platform carries benefits and features that can help meet your goals in hosting webinars and sharing important information with attendees, clients or management. From large organizations to small businesses, there’s a software service to meet your needs and get you on your way to scheduling and hosting webinars and video conference that attract and engage the users you want.

Deciding which webcasting tool to use is an important step in getting on your way to engaging in this global platform. To help get you started, here we share seven aspects of a software tool you should keep in mind as you start planning your perfect webinar or webcasting session.

1. Price

Before settling on a webinar service, be sure you set your budget first. Software options come in a variety of price points, based on the features and accessibility they offer. Finalize what you can afford to spend in a plan to help narrow your search. Many services come in a variety of plan packages to help you meet your financial needs while also providing the webinar services you need. Most plans come in on a monthly basis, so be sure to keep that in mind as you navigate the various plans offered.

As you determine pricing, keep in mind that some services also offer free trials of their plans. Utilizing those free trials allows you to ensure you select the right option to meet your and your organization’s needs in webcasting.

2. Sharing

When it comes to webinar hosting, chances are, everyone you want to reach won’t be available for a live session at the same time. Or, perhaps you want a way to keep track of what you’ve presented and shared in past webinars. Many webinar software systems allow you to record and share your presentation with the full audience you have in mind. If being able to record your live presentation for later sharing and viewing, be sure to pick a plan that allows you to meet this goal.

You may also want to select a service that not only allows you to share your pre-recorded webinars but also edit the video content as well. If that’s a feature important to you, choose a plan that includes that additional feature to create the best-quality webinars possible.

3. Audience Size

Many of the various plans offered through webcasting software is based on the size of your intended audience. Deciding whether your service will feature more smaller, direct conversations or large-scale webinar sessions can help you determine what capacity you need your software to uphold. Keep in mind your opportunity for growth as well if you aspire to develop your webcasting platform to greater heights.

4. Commenting and Interactions

Particularly during live webinar sessions, offering the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and make comments can be essential in understanding your clients’ needs. This especially makes any question and answer session efficient and engaging when attendees can just type in their question into the comments. You can then address their question right away, or direct the conversation in a way that will get their question answered. Allowing comments and interactions can also let you know of any difficulties your attendees are having with access or with your presentation format. Engaging with your audience is key. Be sure to select a software program that has an interactive feature that meets your goals.

5. Ease of Use

With so much going on in your day and technology tools to use, you want a webinar software that is easy to use. You want to be able to easily schedule, set up, host, record and share your presentation and information. You also want your attendees and those you want to reach to be able to easily access and listen and watch along to your presentation. It can be frustrating for a user to have difficulty in accessing what you want to share, so keep your customers, clients and others in your conversation happy with a webinar service that makes sharing information easy for everyone.

6. Analytics

When it comes to understanding if your webinar was successful and met your goals, viewing the right analytics can help you answer those questions. Be sure the webcasting software you select offers you the opportunity to get the information on your attendees that you want so you can keep moving forward. Tying in your CRM can also help streamline your analytics process for efficiency and effectiveness.

7. Integration Features

If you have a specialized CRM system you use to manage all of your company relationships, you might want a webinar software that easily integrates with your existing system. Track attendees and conversations in presenting webinars that can help you achieve your overall goals. Direct your specific messaging to your target audience with easy integration.

Find What Meets Your Needs

With an increasing demand for connectivity and remote conversations, there are a lot of webcasting services available. By keeping these seven tips in mind, you can discover and select the software that provides the features you need and want in the price range that fits your budget. Continue your conversation from wherever you are with a webcasting software designed with you in mind.


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