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Luuup Cat Litter Box Review

The Luuup seems to be a great idea in theory but is hit or miss when the litter box is actually used.

Cats may be pretty adorable and you may love having your furry friend around, but you may not be so in love with that cat litter box. Not every cat can learn how to use the toilet like the cats in the movies, so you feel as though maybe you just had to deal with this very stinky situation. You try scooping the clumps out but maybe they do not stick together as much as you think they are supposed to. You end up dropping the clump that is breaking apart or even the entire clump on the floor before you even get to the trash barrel. This is probably a scenario that you are very familiar with, making you reconsider your life decision of getting a cat to begin with. This is exactly why the Luuup was created.

What Luuup Promises

The Luuup promises a way of cleaning up the cat litter that allows you to avoid scooping the litter and any of the potential hazards that come along with that. It also promises that you will save money on cat litter as you will need to use less in the box and you will not have to refill it as often. This is because the Luuup uses a 3 tray sifting system. You just need to lift up the top tray, sift it, and dump it out in the trash. You can then wash it and put it at the bottom of the tray pile. You just keep cycling through this each and every time that you change the litter. In case you are worried, these pieces only go together one way and it will not sit together properly if you have it on wrong.

It promises a litter box that is aesthetically pleasing, economically responsible, antimicrobial, and prevents spillage. This little box promises so much, but can it live up to the hype that it promises?

Is it Worth It?

For the most part, this product offers exactly what it promises. Without too much effort on your behalf, you are able to pull off the top tray and easily sift the excess litter off which allows you to just dump the cat waste into the trash. You no longer have to worry about scooping out the litter and you have no reason at all to actually touch the waste, both are very appealing benefits to customers. However, the problem is when you go to restack the product things can go very wrong if you do not stack it properly. When you make a mistake with the stacking, you will end up with litter everywhere. You have probably picked up litter off of your floor before and realize just how annoying and difficult this seemingly easily task can actually be.

Another problem that seems to arise sometimes with this litter box is that the cat urine can stick to the sides of the litter box, which will require you to scrub and clean the tray. This is a complete contradiction to the easy to clean litter box ideal that this company offers you. Some people are also not too excited with the cost of this litter box. Some people have also had to deal with the cat urine clumps falling right through the sifter, which also goes against the main purpose of this specific type of litter box. The company says there is a fix for this, which means you need to switch the type of litter that you are using.

If you have more than one cat that uses a litter box, this may not be an ideal option for you. It is a bit on the smaller side, which is not really great for multiple cat households. You can get around this by buying them in bulk, which does save you money, but some find it more cost effective to just use a larger litter box with a scoop to take care of the cat litter waste.


The Luuup seems to be a great idea in theory but is hit or miss when the litter box is actually used. One of the most common problems people have is not putting it together right, which leads to all of the litter dumping out of it. Overall, if you have a single cat household, this can be a great option for you. Just keep in mind that you do may need to use a specific type of litter for this to be the most effective. It is also a great option for those people who want to minimize how much they have to get dirty with the litter box.


Luuup Cat Litter Box

The Luuup seems to be a great idea in theory but is hit or miss when the litter box is actually used.

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