How is online accounting software priced?

Online accounting software is usually provided in a subscription service. No contract is generally necessary. Instead, the small business signs up with most services offering a free trial.

If the entrepreneur likes the online accounting software after the free trial — the next step is to pay a monthly fee. There is rarely any contractual obligation. Payments for the your subscription is deducted each month from a bank account or credit card, and when you decide to cancel no additional fees are charged.

Prices can vary. QuickBooks and FreshBooks, two of the more reputable online accounting software services have a variety of plans from $10 to $60 per month. Sophisticated versions for well established small businesses can exceed over $100 per month, yet come with a number of features and tools the basic versions lack.

However, there are alternatives for small businesses on an extremely tight budget. Wave Apps, for example, is 100 percent free to use.

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