What is the best iPad case?

When choosing an iPad or iPhone case for your small business, it is therefore very important to consider where the cases are sourced from and the durability/integrity of their materials.

For modern day small business owners, iPads are quickly replacing the once mandatory laptop everyone needed to get anything done. This is no surprise, since these devices have greatly enhanced mobility and made it so that just about anyone can run a business from just about anywhere. But iPads don’t come without an added cost of doing business. Most models are as expensive as they are useful, and despite Apple’s best efforts even those with the most mobile friendly design were not constructed to be dropped on asphalt.

Enter the iPad case, the best piece of plastic your Mac-based small business will ever buy.

Durability & Materials

What’s interesting about iPhones, their protective casings, the Internet, and small business is that they’re all kind of intertwined in a feedback loop. Most iPad & iPhone case companies are small businesses that use the Internet and iPads or iPhones to function. Many of them simply buy cheap products from China, print their logo on the raw product, and then resell the case for a profit.
While this is an admirable type of get rich scheme, and not much different from most big box retailers’ business models, it means reduced durability for customers and essentially cases that decorate rather than protect.

When choosing an iPad or iPhone case for your small business, it is therefore very important to consider where the cases are sourced from and the durability/integrity of their materials.

Warranty for Product
Another important aspect to take into consideration during your selection process is whether the case company provides warranties on its products. Good iPad & iPhone cases are guaranteed for life. They’re made from durable materials that aren’t supposed to break, and backed by a promise to replace them if they do.

Choosing an iPad or iPhone case with a lifetime warranty will cost you more, but ultimately it is an investment in your business.

Additional Features and Products
When you’re shopping for an iPad or iPhone case, you’re going to come across a whole lot more. Companies who create these protective coverings usually dabble in other plastic creations too. Some of them have developed some very creative accessories to both protect and enhance the usage of your mobile device.

For example, you could buy a simple plastic encasing to protect your iPad from scratches or from being dropped; but, have you considered a multi-foldable case that triples as a means of protection, a display stand, and a keyboard?

Believe it or not, but these types of things are out there, and they can really enhance the way you do business on the go. Consider finding an iPad & iPhone case company that gives you options, so that you can do more with your current infrastructure while using less.

Compatibility: New vs. Previous Generations
One of the unfortunate realities about Apple’s continuous innovation is the issue of compatibility. Anyone who has ever tried to charge their iPhone 5 with what came with their iPhone 4 will be well aware of this.

Change is good, but if you’re running a small business and perhaps providing technologies to multiple employees, it can really put a damper on your budget. When choosing a new iPad or iPhone case it’s therefore very important to find a company that designs their product for compatibility.

It is of course impossible to predict what Apple will think of and design next, but finding a company that, for example, makes their cases work on both 5 and 5s models at the same time is a good start. That way if and when you choose to upgrade your phone, you won’t need to buy a new case!

At the end of the day an iPad or iPhone case is really just a dressed up piece of plastic. Some look better than others, some protect what they’re covering, and some don’t. When buying one of these pieces of plastic, it’s good to remember that you should never pay too much.
You’re trying to protect the expensive piece of technology inside – not just accessorize it with another expensive product. Then again, if you’re into aesthetics, designer cases will cost a bit more.

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