What in the process for getting a company logo designed?

Every great company has a great brand. A brand is a company’s identity, and it’s very literally the logo that’s conjured when consumers think of a business.

Every great company has a great brand. A brand is a company’s identity, and it’s very literally the logo that’s conjured when consumers think of a business.

In today’s digital environment, branding has many facets – probably more than ever before – but many branding fundamentals remain unchanged.

Creating a website may be something new to you, but creating a catchy slogan and a winning logo to go with it – well, those marketing principles have been around since people started selling products.

Different Types of Logo Design Services Available

When just starting out, many small businesses are getting into the finer details of their business plans, figuring out how to generate sales and revenue and getting customer feedback.

Even older companies that may be revising their outdated logo for something new can benefit from a new company logo.

Regardless of the state of your SMB, there are different types of logo creation companies on the web:

Crowd Source Programs: It is like hiring a graphic designer only at a better value. You can specify in your ad exactly what you are looking for as well as willing to pay. Freelancers will then bid on your contract and you have the power to select the most appropriate graphic designer.

Template Logo Design Service: The least intuitive of all types of logo design online companies, the program will provide a basic template for the logo then the SMB picks out the text, font, color scheme, etc

DIY Logo Design Software: These logo design providers are full fledged graphic designer programs. The software enables you to create a logo from scratch, offering a ton of customization and intuitive features.

How to find the best logo designer?

There is no crystal ball answer. Finding the right provider for your SMB logo is based on a number of factors like:

  • Skill level: Are you creating the logo from scratch? If so, what is your experience level with graphic design? More importantly do you consider yourself “artistic”?
  • Creative control: The bottom line is you have more creative control with certain types of logo design software compared to others that have more pre-defined templates. It is fine for some entrepreneurs that would prefer the company do most of the work yet frustrating for other individuals that want more creative control.
  • Type of Logo Design: Depending on the creative control and skill level you can then assess what type of logo design company you want to use. Some are crowd-sourced logo designers and others are more hands-on from the perspective of the entrepreneur.
  • Quality: The same adage that you get what you pay for exists with logo design software. Higher priced options may get trumped by budget, or free providers but what kind of quality are you truly receiving?
  • Cost: How much are you willing to pay? For any service, it comes down to price and every SMB has a budget. Stick to it, but do not ignore the importance of a high quality logo.

Understanding “Crowdsourced Logo Designs”

If you’re in “startup mode” (or just want to save a few bucks) you don’t need to break the bank to find a good logo. You can find template-based logos on a site like Logo Garden for less than $50.

For those looking to go a bit more custom, you can spend a few hundred dollars and use crowdsourced marketplaces like 99designs or crowdSPRING and get a number of different options based on your requirements and how much you’d like to spend.

Freelancers that make logos on crowdsourced logo design websites offer good value as they are usually talented, offer a quick turnaround, and are relatively affordable for a lot of small businesses.

It’s a terrific option for those that lack the creativity ability to make one themselves yet don’t want to settle for the template-based designers for logos.

How to Choose a Logo Design Company

For the artistically inclined, creating a company logo is a relished opportunity to get creative. For the average small business owner, with a million other little things to do, logo design can be a stress inducing nightmare.

Creating a company logo is like choosing the clothing your company will wear. If you’re busy, but you still want to look good, it’s best to put your image in the hands of a professional designer.

You will end up paying more, but it won’t look like you sewed the clothes yourself; and in the end, you will hopefully attract more people to your business.

What makes a good SMB logo?

Think about it this way: when you shop for clothes, do you prefer more options or less?

Work to craft a logo that reflects your brand, but make sure you have something in place that is flexible enough to look good in multiple locations such as business collateral, business cards, signage, invoices, and not just your website.

A good logo will help identify your brand, but don’t put so much emphasis on the intricate details of it. Instead focus on developing something clean and clear that uses your business name, while still remaining unique and recognizable.

Logo Design Quality

Once again, logo design quality is much akin to clothing. If you’re running a small business you want to look good, but you don’t exactly need a designer suit from Giorgio Armani.

Instead, focus on finding a designer that offers a good balance of quality and affordability.

Your very first logo will be a stepping stone, as any successful company’s logo evolves over time. Consider your first attempt a work in progress. Find a company who can do it well, and inexpensively.

Logo Output Formats

A logo is a part of your brand, but it’s also a brand that you can stamp on just about anything connected to your business.

Beyond creating your logo from scratch, professional logo design companies can also stamp that logo onto various products and ship them directly to your (digital) doorstep. 

It means applying your logo to your digital presence, and maybe also printing out some customized gear for employees and customers – like actual clothes that people can wear to spread your image.

Total Cost of Logo

Creative minds hate budgets. As a small business owner it can be helpful to remember this.

The best logo design companies are ones that have successfully combined creativity with effective business practices. It amounts to affordable logos that look pretty decent too for the SMB.

Most independent designers will want a lot of money for a design that looks really, really good. On the other hand, massive logo mills will design something on the cheap, but the end product’s quality will indeed reflect its pricing.

The logo designers we have reviewed represent a good blend of both.

Customer Service

Finally, like any creative process you outsource, creating a logo requires a designer who is adept at collaboration.

The best designers realize that they are working for their customers, and they don’t let things like “creative genius” get in the way of collaborating.

For the best results, find a designer whose ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

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