What should I think about when buying a mattress online?

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health and well-being.  A well-rested person is a happier person, and a crucial part of a good night’s sleep is a good mattress. 

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health and well-being.  A well-rested person is a happier person, and a crucial part of a good night’s sleep is a great mattress.

Anyone with experience in purchasing a mattress knows that they can be both expensive and difficult to transport. Online mattress stores are popping up all over the internet to help buyers avoid these problems and enjoy a quality mattress at an affordable price.

Mattress-in-a-box services conveniently deliver the item right to your door, and often at a price lower than one would pay at a traditional brick and mortar store.

Since you can’t test the mattress for back pain or other factors before you buy them, online reviews are the primary source to help you decide. And, many online mattress stores event give you a certain period of time to try the brand out and allow returns.

Each company has a unique focus that makes them qualify for the best mattress online:

  • Some of the best mattress toppers emphasize the use of all natural and eco-friendly materials
  • Others offer specific customization options so you can get the exact mattress your body needs. An example would be a mattress good for back pain.
  • Certain brands utilize unique materials, such as copper, and back their methods up with sleep science.

As a customer, it can be difficult to decide which product is right for you, so knowing your sleep needs, as well as the offerings made by each brand is important in making the right selection.

Best Mattress Brands – What to consider?

You need a mattress that fits you, not the other way around. When you study the crucial features of each product you can find the best mattress for your home.

Mattress Firmness

The firmness of a mattress is one of the most important qualities from rock hard to super soft. When it comes to comfort we usually deem it based on firmness. Having a mattress that fits your body and sleep style can be the difference between waking up feeling refreshed, or sore and in pain.

One thing to remember is that “firmness” is usually a term used to describe the uppermost layer of a bed, while the actual support is in the middle and lower layers. Any mattress that is well-made will offer support, whether the top layer feels firm or soft. So even a bed that feels very soft may actually have a very sound support system.

A variety of factors contribute to the ideal firmness:

  • Sleep position
  • Body weight
  • Overall health
  • Personal preferences

Best Mattress for Sleeping Position

You want a mattress that has your preferred balance of comfort and support when searching online for a new one. Sleeping comfortably is often a matter of whether your spine, hips, and shoulders are properly aligned. It also has to do with which pressure points on your body are most often in contact with the mattress.

It often depends on the usual sleeping position: 

  • If you sleep on your side: You’ll want soft to medium firmness. It will accommodate your hip and shoulders while still providing support for your lower back. Top mattresses for side sleepers will prevent side numbness.
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper: You will need medium firmness although even more firmness is better. Stomach sleepers generally have more pressure in the hips and pelvis, as these are the points that support most of your weight. A firmer mattress will help to discourage the hips and pelvis from sinking lower than the shoulders and creating an unnatural curve in the spine.
  • If you lie on your back: A mattress that is more firm will ensure your back and hips are supported and your spine is properly aligned. However, back sleepers have the advantage of getting the most range in firmness, because pressure is more evenly spread across various pressure points. As a result, back sleepers can often find comfort on soft, medium, and firm mattresses. 

Mattress Based on Body Weight

Beyond sleeping position, body weight is also an important consideration.  Depending on your weight, you may want to consider factors like sinkage, feel, temperature control, and support.

There is no “perfect” mattress for each body type or weight, but these guidelines generally apply:

  • A lighter sleeper (150 pounds or less): You likely won’t sink as deeply into the mattress, which can make denser mattresses with thick top layers a bit uncomfortable. A mattress with medium firmness and a lighter density top might be a great fit for you.
  • An average sleeper (150-200 pounds): You’re considered to be the ideal weight for enjoying a variety of mattresses, as most are designed for average sized sleepers. Feel free to shop away with a position style that fits your sleeping habits.
  • A heavier sleeper (200 pounds or more): Heavier sleepers put more pressure on their mattresses, and will likely sleep better with a denser mattress. It will provide a greater level of firmness and support.

In a nutshell, it’s important to select a mattress firmness that offers sufficient support without creating extra pressure. It also should help evenly distribute your body weight.

An additional consideration is whether or not you sleep with a partner, as you may each need different firmness levels. You also must factor in total body weight. Compromise, like many things in a relationship, is necessary.

Lastly, it’s usually better to choose the more firm option for those having a tough time deciding. Why? They tend to weaken over time regardless of how good the mattress is for back support. You can also always add a mattress topper.

Pick a Mattress Material

You will also need to consider what material you want for the mattress.

  • Innerspring mattress will offer a range of firmness levels and are generally cost-effective. The style uses a steel coil support system, and the spring shapes as well as number of coils can vary. The innerspring is covered by padding materials which can include various foams, fiber, or additional layers of smaller steel springs. Generally, the greater number of coils – the more supportive the mattress. Innerspring is the most common type of mattress.
  • Memory foam mattress is a style that uses a high-density polyurethane foam as a support system. It forms to your body to reduce pain and pressure points. They also are good with longevity and isolating motion. Yet, memory foam is known to sleep warmer than innerspring.
  • Pillow-top mattress features an additional layer of upholstery sewn into the top of the mattress. Like if pillows were placed on top of it. The added layer can consist of a variety of materials.
  • Latex mattress works like memory foam in that it conforms to your body, but they can also spring back. The latex can be made from plant or petroleum-based materials.
  • Gel mattress will use a foam that contains gel in either the support system, upholstery layers, or both. The gel foam offers sleepers varying comfort, feel, and heat distribution features.
  • Specialty foam mattress will use one or more types of foam as the support system. The foam can be polyurethane, memory, or latex. It may also contain gel. The foam can be created in a variety of shapes and densities depending on customer preference.
  • Hybrid mattress combines a steel coil support system with one or more types of foam for a feel that can be both supportive and soft at the same time.

Free Shipping on Affordable Mattresses

When making a big purchase like a mattress having quick and free shipping provided by the company is a great bonus. Check out if the online mattress company you’re looking into offers this perk. 

If so, you can either pocket the extra money, or spend what you would normally have paid for shipping on a higher quality mattress that will offer an even better night’s sleep. 

Warranty & Trial Periods

You should also pay attention to the warranty policy and whether the product or online supplier has a trial period. Many mattress companies offer a free 30 to 90 day trial.

Here you can try out your new mattress and be confident that it gives you that great night’s sleep you need. The extended free trial is important as it allows time for your body to adjust from your old mattress to the new one.

It also enables enough time to notice any significant changes in your quality of sleep and health. You can be assured most importantly that if the mattress doesn’t fit your needs you can return it for free.

Top Mattress 2019 Recommendations

Do you know someone who has purchased a mattress online? Talk to them. Ask them about their shopping experience, the factors they kept in mind, and the brands they considered.

Additionally, inquire about all steps in the process of buying the mattress. It includes everything from browsing online to ordering to receiving and setting up the delivery.

What did 3rd-party reviews say?

Reviews can be accessed online, or in other publications about the top mattress in a box services. Reading both positive and negative reviews can help you determine the best mattress brands though not all reviews should be taken as absolute truth.

What is the total cost?

Purchasing a mattress online has many benefits including generally lower prices. Brick-and-mortar stores often have significant mark-ups to cover the cost of distribution and retail space.

Savvy customers can avoid some of these additional costs by choosing to purchase a mattress online. Prices are more competitive than ever with so many online mattress in a box companies.

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