What’s the difference between mobile plans?

Plans Available

If you’re going to buy any type of cell phone, you should also look into buying another one while you’re at it.

Most providers offer significant discounts on small business or family plans that will lower the initial cost of each device and your monthly bill.

Employees, family members, friends – if someone you know needs a new phone you can both save a ton of money by going in on a plan together.

Contract Term and Pricing

Prepaid vs. Contract is an important decision, but once you choose you’re going to have to grapple with the service provider’s terms and conditions.

Before you sign, make sure you know exactly how long you’re signing up for. Also, pay attention to the contract’s rates. Service providers will often lure new customer’s in with attractively low pricing, only to jack it up after the first few months.

When in doubt, check the fine print.

Mobile Carrier Fees

As with contractual terms and pricing, most mobile devices will also come with additional fees, some of which are hidden.

Roaming, or using another provider’s network for temporary service, has been a big offender for years. In the age of smartphones, there can also be huge fees on data usage that exceeds the amount stipulated in your plan.

While you can’t really remove these fees, knowing about them can help you stay within your budget, and at least prevent an unpleasant surprise when the bill comes at the end of the month.

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