What is the difference between free and paid WordPress themes?

Free WP Themes vs. Paid WP Themes

Even though most beginner to intermediate web users need a theme for a new WordPress blog or website it does not mean they have to pay a single cent for one.

There are some databases available that have free WP themes and plugins. The themes are traditionally basic with a few customization options and debatable functionality. However, they don’t cost a dime and help develop the pages of the site.

It is a better idea to consider setting aside a budget for a new theme. Affordable WordPress themes can begin as low as $5 though the more highly regarded ones generally cost more in the $30 to $60 price range.

It’s also not uncommon for a small business owner to spend over a $100 for a high quality theme. Though it may seem like a lot of cash, when you consider that you are getting a 100 percent designed and ready for publishing theme for that amount of money it’s actually a bargain compared to what a professional web designer would charge.

In addition to having more plugins and higher functionality, paid themes for WP also are built with certain templates in mind. Are you making a new blog for a wedding? There are themes built specifically for that purpose. What about a new website to promote your music? Once again, countless themes are designed for that specific purpose.

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