How do I distribute a press release?


Why Use Press Release Distribution Services?

There are so many benefits to distributing your press release through a specific service. Since you have written your own press release, you can save money by just using these services to get your press release out there without incurring the additional causes of having them write one for you.

These are often quite inexpensive, especially when you compare the costs to various other methods of advertising. As a business owner, you know just how expensive advertising is and you can really save your money here.

  1. You are also going to establish yourself as an authority on the industry. This is going to be so important if you want your customers to trust you and take you seriously.
  2. You will also raise awareness for your brand, which will increase based on just how far this distribution goes. Every company, big and small, can greatly benefit from distributing their press releases.

Choosing Where to Distribute

You can write great content in your press release, but if you can’t distribute it effectively, your work won’t accomplish your desired goals. Finding a source to share your press release to get it in front of the people you want takes intention. There are several options where you can distribute your press release. But each outlet has features and elements that may make choosing one better than the other.

Once you have it written, you’ll need to figure out how to send the releases out to the right places.

  1. Find a Press Release Distributor. Wherever you send out your press release, it needs to be where your target market base will come across it.
  2. Target Your Press Release. Who are your target customers? Your answer will determine where you send out your press release and how you tweak the content to fit your audience.

Here, we share an overview of what to look for in choosing a place to distribute your engaging and well-written press release:

  • Media and reporter reach: Will you be able to determine which regions will see and read your press release? Targeting your location of readers will help bring you the best results in distributing your press release.
  • Performance analytics: When you submit a press release to a distributor, your work isn’t quite over. You’ll want a service that allows you to continue to track where, when and how your precious press release is shared.
  • User-friendly process: Many press release distribution services emphasize being user-friendly so that you can easily write, send and track how your release is making its presence in your industry.

Relationship with Journalists

Journalists are key personnel who can help you reach your intended audience. They’re the ones who decide whether to write and share your story or ignore it by seeing is as irrelevant or not credible.

Make sure the press release distribution service you utilize has a solid reputation and has beneficial relationships with journalists and the media. Check to see if the distributor has established relationships with companies like the Associated Press, Newswire and Google News.

Press Release Requirements

It’s also helpful to look into what the press release distribution service requires of submitted press releases. Some have differing requirements for the word count of the press release.

Syndication Costs

There are paid and free versions of press release distribution services. Both paid and unpaid services have their benefits – but it’s also important to understand that free services are often free for a reason.

Paid services often have better connections and standards that will typically bring better results to creating awareness of your press release content.

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