How do meal subscription boxes work?

There are many benefits to a food subscription box. It is very convenient and healthy alternative to fast food. And, surprisingly, the cost of a subscription is not all that expensive.

Don’t have the time to go the grocery store because of a busy life? Do you love trying new, healthy recipes? Are you only cooking for yourself and need smaller portions than what the store has to offer?

Meal boxes may be a solution to all these problems.

Food boxes like Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh do all the hard work of shopping and creating new, easy to make recipes for you. But many 

Why do people subscribe for a monthly meal plan? There are many benefits to a food subscription box. It is very convenient and healthy alternative to fast food. Instead of driving to the store, fighting the crowds and long lines you can potentially save hours each month by opting for a subscription service. And, surprisingly, the cost of a subscription is not all that expensive.

How do I get a food subscription box? Food box subscriptions are conveniently shipped to your front door. You do not need to waste time driving to the grocery store. Everything is conveniently picked out online and shipping is usually included with the monthly subscription price.

Are food box subscriptions healthy? A lot of food box subscriptions also specialize in offering healthy alternatives to fast food. Chain restaurants used to be the best way to get a quick meal for people strapped on time, but most of them are far from healthy.

  • Help make you a better cook. Do you not consider yourself a good cook? The ingredients are often shipped in pre-measured servings and with a recipe, so anyone can cook these type of meals. The meals are also prepared by highly esteemed chefs so you may even impress guests that don’t know any better that this meal wasn’t prepared by you.
  • Cheaper than eating out. If you like to avoid fast food because of the lack of quality and nutritional value, but do not have time to cook meals from home, the secondary option is to eat out at high-end restaurants. While these places are tasty, they’re also very expensive. Food subscription services are surprisingly affordable.
  • Reasonable for families as well as singles or couples. Families will appreciate a new entree added to the weekly dining lineup, and for those that like to cook but often do so only for themselves, the smaller portion sizes can also cater to you. Several of the best food subscription boxes allow you to specialize a plan based on the number of people you are serving and how frequently you want the food delivered.

How do meal subscriptions work?

The process of a food box delivery service is straightforward.

  1. Each provider promotes their own chef, or team of chefs that create the meals and put together the recipes. Several of the subscription services are health conscious and solid for watching weight as the meals are generally between 500 to 800 calories.
  2. Customers are given some control over the meal planning. You can individual select each meal you wish to order, or if you prefer a less hands-on approach you can select a plan and let the chefs handle all the meal selections.
  3. The company rounds up the groceries, pre-measured the ingredients, and ships them to your front door. The home delivery will include everything from meats to vegetables, fruits and side dishes.
  4. The meals are ready to eat the same day or stored in a refrigerator for a future meal. Delivers can be made as often as every few days or weekly, so the food storage does not have to pile up for too long before another batch is being sent your way.
  5. The cooking instructions are easy to follow, provide a time frame needed to prepare and cook the meal, degree of cooking difficulty and other simple tips so you can plan out when you want to eat each meal.
  6. After you sign up for a subscription, the payment is usually deducted each month from a credit card or checking account. There is rarely any type of contract so you can enjoy the meals for as long as you want and back out any time. Free trials are also available.


Food subscription boxes are relatively affordable. The price does fluctuate based on the amount of servings you want to order per week, and at what frequency.

Some people elect to have a food service practically feed them on a daily basis while others may just turn to it for a meal or two each week. What’s great about these subscription plans is that they are highly customized, where you can dictate the serving sizes, frequency, and meals you wish to order.

Since the plans are so variable, the monthly rates do vary but when you break it down to an individual meal you get a good threshold in terms of what you should expect to spend.

Generally the more people you feed, the less of a cost per serving, or meal. For family of four expect to feed each family member for approximately $9 to $10 per meal. For a couple, expect the average serving price to be a little higher at $10 to $11 per meal.

Shipping is also something to keep in mind. Some plans include free shipping on all orders, or higher priced orders like $40 to $50 or more per week. If shipping is not provided, expect to spend at least $6 to $10 more on each order due to the shipping costs.

Best Food Box Subscriptions are Time Saving and Convenient

The typical American family now has two parents that work full-time careers. The average child can spend 2-3 hours per day outside of school doing extracurricular activities. With such a busy schedule, families are finding less and less time to sit down and have a home cooked meal.

A huge part of this is lack of time. Shopping at the grocery store takes time and is stressful since they are usually so busy. Furthermore, bringing the groceries home and dividing up the ingredients for a fresh meal does not sound all that attractive compared to opting for pizza delivery or fast food.

Of course you know these foods are not sustainable, and healthy for anyone in the family, so how do you eat healthy while also not dedicating a lot of your day to cooking?

Food delivery services can take control and create the meal plan, ship you all the ingredients to your front door, provide the recipes, pre-measure all of the ingredients, and get you cooking sooner.

It is possible to have home-style family meals with a subscription food service because they reduce costly time shopping and preparing meals from scratch. They are exceptionally convenient. 

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating is a major problem for families, particular children who are too often settling for junk food. Some of this is due to parents having busier lifestyles, as both are at their jobs 40 or more hours per week, and then when combined with activities and sports related to their children, they simply do not have enough time in a day to prepare and serve wholesome meals.

Food subscriptions have gained a lot of attraction for their convenience, but even more important is their nutritional value. 

The delivery service for food is not only fast and effective, but the meals are prepared by professional chefs, some of which even cook meals for celebrities, and really know their way around food.

These meal plans do an exceptional job of providing well-balanced, nutritional content in every serving but are not a diet per say. The term diet has became more of a bad term associated with people starving themselves in an attempt to lose weight.

On the other hand, food subscriptions can provide healthy meals without making you feel like you are going hungry. Several of the servings range between 500 to 700 calories, which is a perfect intake for those that are mindful of their weight and physical health.

There is a saying that it’s easy to eat bad, hard to cook good. It’s true, as most people want to eat better yet many lack the knowledge and quality recipes that can prepare more wholesome meals.

Food subscription plans have a wide range of options, and can specify orders to a certain type (vegan only, gluten-free, etc) or provide a good balance between red meats and fish, chicken and vegetarian entrees.

Helping Make You A Better Cook

Do you wish you cook things from scratch that would delight all your family members and guests? Along with the quick service and healthy eating, food delivery boxes help teach you more about food and what makes a good cook.

Some of these meals plans and recipes are designed by some of the most respected people in the culinary world. They really know what they are doing, and you can learn a million things from their practices.

In addition to getting access to a high volume of delicious recipes, some of the top services also provide tips and advice from professional chefs. They can teach you everything from kitchen basics to advanced styles of getting the very most out of each dish.

Cooking for a family or alone?

It does not matter if you are preparing a meal for five or just yourself. Food boxes can specialize plans for individuals or an entire family. If you are also really selective about what you eat or have food allergies, you can also get crucial information about where the food is shipped from by doing some more research on the brand’s website.

What are the best food subscription services currently available?

The list of reliable food services is growing but Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh rank among our personal favorites. Here are quick breakdowns of the three including current prices. You can find out more information about each food subscription box by reading our dedicated reviews:

Blue Apron

Blue Apron offers two different plans to fit busy couples and families. The website is easy to use and has how to videos if you’re unsure how to do something. Blue Apron also offers tips and tricks for each recipe on how to use the ingredients. The two person plan consists of one delivery a week. Every delivery comes with pre-portioned ingredients for three delicious recipes. This plan costs $54.94, which breaks down to $9.99 per meal, per person.

The family plan has one or two deliveries a week that can be scheduled to fit your busy life. Blue Apron offers the choice if you would like two or four recipes options per week. The Blue Apron’s culinary team creates meals that both the parents and the kids will enjoy. The family plan has two options, one being the two meals per week, which is $69.92, or $8.74 per meal, per person. The four meal option is $139.94, which breaks down to the same $8.74 per meal, per person.


Plated is a weekly box that has fresh and seasonal ingredients, pre-portioned for the recipes you choose. They’re committed to using sustainable sourced seafood, seasonally fresh produce, and meat raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Plated recipes begin at $12 per plate, and boxes are customizable.

This makes the price of Plated boxes vary from week to week depending on your selections. After the first box, deserts can be added for $4 per serving. Furthermore, after the first boxes, you can add, swap, or remove recipes in your boxes. Plated offers free shipping to 95% of the US after $50, and then reasonable shipping costs of $6 to $8 in the continental U.S. thereafter. It s a good value plan from one of the leaders in home box delivery food.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a customizable food delivery box. Hello Fresh creates recipes and you choose what you would like to eat. Hello Fresh promises to bring you the freshest and healthiest food, with a dash of fun, a sprinkle of learning, and a dollop of deliciousness — all for a great price. Hello Fresh also works with small farmers, butchers, fishmongers and fellow culinary enthusiasts to ensure that only the best ingredients are shipped to your table.

Hello Fresh’s boxes are shipped out on Thursday. Hello Fresh offers two boxes: the Classic Box (for Omnivores) and the Veggie Box (for Herbivores). The Classic box is $69 for three meals for 2 people ($11.5 per meal), or $129 for three meals for 4 people ($10.75 per meal). The Veggie Box is $59 for three meals for 2 people ($9.83 per meal), or $109 for three meals for 4 people ($9.08 per meal).


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