What are the best services to distribute a press release?

You have some options when it comes to distributing press releases. Here are some of the options that you can consider for distributing your press releases:

If you are a local business that mainly deals out of a brick and mortar store rather than a solely online business or one that operates in many locations, PRWeb is the perfect choice for you.

They specialize specifically in regional and local distributions of press releases. There is also no annual fee with this option and your fee per press release option is dependent on the chosen level of distribution.


This is a popular distribution option that you may not have heard of. Ereleases has been listed as among the best press release options out there.

It is a paid option but you are actually able to access such great press release distribution companies like PR Newswire without having to pay the higher price for it since eReleases has PR Newswire included on their list of distribution locations.

Their distribution list also includes many bloggers that can really help you to get your press release out there to your target market.

This website offers free submissions for press releases and free distribution services. From here, these press releases are then distributed to different search engines, can be found on the syndicate feed, and distributed to various news sites that are online.

The great thing about the syndicate feed is that it is published on quite a few news sites. This company will also send out press releases via email to journalists and other media professions who have opted in on this mailing list for new press releases.

Here you will also get free press distribution services. They will put the press releases on their website as well as distributing the press releases via email to the media outlets on their email lists.

What makes this website unique is that this website actually tries to eliminate spam submissions by having a strict editorial process when it comes to press releases submitted to them.

They also do not allow free provider email sites such as Google in their submissions either. They want to make sure that your message gets out there.

Free Press Release

This website offers both paid and free options for you to look at for your press release distribution. The press releases on this website are actually keyword-indexed through Google and the website is very easy to navigate around.

PR Newswire

As far as press release distribution sites go, this one is the most popular option. It does require money to distribute your press release but they do offer various packages so that you can find something that really suit the needs of your business.

They offer things like a Small Business Toolkit, which has packages that are perfect for small businesses. They charge users on an annual basis but they also charge fees every time that you use their services to distribute a press release.

One of the best things here is that you are able to get your company’s press release to both online and offline media locations. You are also able to better target your market more specifically, which is also incredible.

This website is another website that you also have to pay for their distribution services. There is no annual fee but you do have to pay for each press release that you send out.

It is among the cheaper options, which is great for those with a limited budget, but you do sacrifice in terms of where your press release can be distributed.

This is a leading blog on women in business and if you have a press release that is related to this target audience of women business professionals or entrepreneurs, you can submit it here.

They will post the link to your press release for free on the website right on the home page as well as publishing the press release itself.

Small Business Trends is a very popular website for news, tips, and other valuable information that is related to small business. You have probably even read it a few times in your life as a business professional.

You can submit your press release for them to publish for free, which is great if you can actually get your press release published.

PR Underground

Google and Yahoo! news sites are very popular for readers, so it makes sense that you would want to get your press release on these sites. This is one company that can send your press release to not just Google News, but to somewhere over 50 other websites. It is a pretty inexpensive option in comparison to other choices.

24/7 Press Release

This is another pay website but you can have access to both traditional media and online media for publishing your press release. Your press releases will be sent to several thousands of newspapers and magazines while also having access to numerous news sites including Google and Yahoo! News websites.

It is also available for bloggers and journalists to browse through on their own. These are only a few of the great things that you have access through this particular distribution service.

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