What are the different types of internet security features?

Almost all antivirus vendors sell their software in variety of flavors, or editions.

What differentiates one edition from another?

It is usually the extent to which the software includes additional features. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Antimalware – It’s important to understand that a virus is just one type of malware that can infect your computer. Calling it antivirus software is a marketing remnant from when viruses were the most common type of malware. Today, good virus protection software must be good antimalware software, which means it can protect you from every type of threat.
  • Antiphishing– These features will protect you from fraudulent websites that exist solely to “phish” for financial information.
  • Antispam – Blocking spam email protect you from fraudulent messages that, like phishing sites, are created with the intent to scam.
  • Firewall – A hardened connection that will keep your online financial transactions secure and is essential for any small business owner.
  • Parental Controls – These features are not necessarily required for a small business, but they can be helpful to anyone who has kids.
  • Supported Operating System – Not to be overlooked, one of the most important aspects of virus removal software is its ability to be installed on your computer.
  • Multiple Device Use – Good antivirus software allows users to install their purchase on multiple machines regardless of OS. Sometimes with unlimited installations with the purchase of 1 license.
  • Mac Virus Protection – Good Macs need virus protection? Some people report that they’ve been told Macs are immune to viruses and therefore software is unnecessary. While it is true Macs are considered safer and thus less prone to cyber attacks it certainly does not make them immune. You still need antivirus for a Mac. When shopping for the top virus protection double check that it’s also compatible for iOS. If for iPhone, double check that it covers that as well.
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