What is the cheapest mobile plan?

It may surprise you to learn that while Verizon still kicks butt for its combination of speed, coverage and overall performance it is arguably not the best value in terms of price paid.

For example, you’ll spend $85 per line for Verizon’s Beyond Limited line, which don’t me wrong is a phenomenal package yet for cell phone users that do not need all the flashy extras it actually is not the best value.

Straight Talk ($45 p/ month) and Traphone (prepaid, starts at $9.99) cost a fraction of Verizon or AT&T yet still use their networks.

Today, it’s no longer the case that you need to sign an annual contract to get a good mobile phone.

The catch with the prepaid guys you are going to have to buy the phone up-front. It’s not feasible for everyone if you want a $900 iPhone. However, if you are just looking for a basic cell phone — it is a fantastic option.

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