What should I look for in a website builder?

Web builders like Site 123 and Wix are the easiest to use. While these programs are fairly sophisticated they are still the most basic form of a website builder.

The next step up would represent something that is a combination of a basic web page editor (with coding alternative) found with apps like WordPress and Joomla.

The third option is to hire the tried and true method of hiring a professional web designer which is by far the most expensive. The most challenging of all is you won’t be able to adapt and change the website much after the developer finishes the project on their end.

If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t have the time to code or the money to pay a pro, the best alternative is a web builder.

Custom Domain

Almost all web builders include domain registration and hosting, and almost all web builders can be used for payment or for free. To legitimize your small business, you’ll want to find a web builder that includes customized domain hosting as part of its for-payment package.

Templates – Design Styles To Match Your Business

At its core, all DIY web builders are similar. The builders let you drag items and drop items, and all they require from you is the ability to point and click.

The primary difference between one website builder and the next is the themes. Different builders offer different templates catered to different types of businesses. To find the right set of templates, you’ll need to be able to both define what your business does and how you want to present that to customers.

Marketing Features

The top web builders will come with additional marketing features that aid in the process of small business expansion. Most will come with very basic features that place an emphasis on SEO. These features will work, but again they are simply a watered down version of a process that is actually extremely complex.

The biggest advantage a web builder provides over hiring a web designer is not only can you go back and edit the design and content of the website later, but also continue to market it to reach a broader audience.

Support – What type? How good?

Support is particularly important with website builders because if you’re using one, chances are that you have no idea what you’re doing (no offense).

Finding a service that offers quality support means finding one that offers it 24/7, and in a variety of forms. If you like to learn on your own, online reading materials or videos are usually the best, especially if they are searchable. If you like personal guidance, find a we

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