Why should I get a wine subscription?

You’ll have a wider (and better) selection, getting information about your wine, conveniently delivered and to help you discover new tastes.

You’re standing in the wine aisle of the liquor or grocery store, surrounded by bottles with labels and descriptions you can barely understand, let alone pronounce. If you don’t consider yourself an esteemed wine connoisseur, this can be intimidating. And if you are just looking for a new taste, this can make buying a bottle or two of wine a frustrating process.

But, it doesn’t have to be.

Online “wine of the month” clubs and wine subscription services make finding the right wine for you a breeze. Experts will hand select your wine, allowing you to discover new flavors and winery regions from the convenience of your own home. Sound better than wandering the aisles of your local store?

Millions are now enjoying wine subscriptions for these reasons:

  • You’ll have a wider (and better) selection – Tired of the limited selection at your local liquor or grocery store? Buying wine through an online subscription service gives you access to a greater selection of more origins and tastes. You’ll be better able to find that perfect bottle of wine that fits your tastes, budget and occasion.
  • You’ll have more information about your wine – Are you easily confused by wine jargon? Do the employees at your typical brick-and-mortar store never have time to answer your questions about flavor, region or pricing? You can get all that information and more through the experts of online wine subscription services. Most of the wines you receive will include interesting information on the winemaking process, the region of the vineyard and other details that can help you become a wine connoisseur. This information by wine experts provides experience and credibility so that you know the wine you buy is exactly what you’ve asked for.
  • It’s simply more convenient – Whether buying wine for a party or just to celebrate at home, online wine subscription services can ease those worries of when you will get to the store, or those fears of an empty wine cabinet. No waiting in line, no lugging precious cargo to your house, no low wine stock. Your wine will be delivered directly to your door on a regular basis.
  • You can discover new tastes – Most online wine subscription services will send you different wines regularly. This is a great opportunity to experience wine tasting from the comfort of your own home. Personalized wine picks offered by some services take the guesswork out of what you might like, yet still allow you to find new favorite flavors you may have never thought to try before!
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