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Vimeo Live Review

A simple and professional 1080p livestream service, Vimeo Live is a new offering from the video hosting giant that is meant to allow users to stream video in real-time for their events.

Vimeo is one of the most well-known video hosting platforms in existence. Although there are many other sites available that have services which are comparable to Vimeo, each of them has its own style and features that focus on different areas of production and marketing. One of the new capabilities that Vimeo has that sets it apart from the rest is Vimeo Live. Vimeo Live enables users to produce and broadcast their events live and with many additional tools that can make your production just as good as if you had pre-recorded it. With Vimeo Live you can livestream your interviews, musical performances, video blogs, and other messages. Not all other sites have live streaming capabilities, but Vimeo is still in competition with some of them due to their other features. Let’s see how Vimeo Live compares to some of the other top-rated programs in its class.

What’s included with Vimeo Live?

Reviewers praised Vimeo for having excellent quality applications and is preferred by professionals who are willing to pay for their services. Although the Pro services cost around $200 per year, it comes with HD video capabilities, fund collection options, the option to broadcast live to audiences, and many other user-friendly tools for advertising and growing your business or program with fewer limits than other platforms have available, even with a paid subscription. Paying for a video platform might seem like a hassle, but not only does it eliminate the advertisements from your videos for your audience, but it also receives more traffic by other professionals, bringing real potential customers and possible partners to view your content. Vimeo is recommended for its ease of installation and use, so that you can spend less time trying to understand and learn how to use the features of the site, and more time on production and marketing.

Vimeo Live vs. YouTube Live

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms of all, and is widely used for both personal and professional sharing. Youtube is particularly preferred because it’s services are completely free, and you can even get paid to include ads in your videos. Although the popularity and familiarity of Youtube is a huge draw, there are some things that Vimeo offers that Youtube does not. Because Youtube is such a public video platform, it is more of a social media site than Vimeo. Youtube draws users from all audiences, not just targeted audiences, which can bring in comments and useless traffic that does not benefit the marketer. Ads are also a problem for some entrepreneurs who choose to use Youtube, because even ads from the competition can appear alongside your videos. One of the biggest pros that Youtube has over Vimeo is the primacy of Youtube in the Google search engine, since Youtube is owned by Google. Youtube also has unlimited uploading space, whereas Vimeo does not. Youtube has had live streaming capabilities for several years, but it is also one of the most blocked websites at schools and businesses, so regardless of the priority spot that Youtube videos get in search results, they are not always accessible.

Vimeo Live vs. Wistia

Wistia is one of the longest running video production sites available. Similar to Vimeo, Wistia offers a paid service that gives you ad-free video sharing, and is popular for its customization capabilities to make the site around the video more visually appealing and attractive to a certain audience, or putting out a certain vibe. Wistia is very link-friendly, and can connect users to other social media outlets and websites quickly, therefore allowing their customers to do the same. Wistia also allows you to limit the platforms on which your video can be shared. One thing that Wistia does not have, is the option to live-stream videos and performances. Vimeo now has “Vimeo Live” and can stream your videos during production so that you can get in touch directly with your viewers and even host live, interactive shows.

Vimeo Live vs. Sprout Video

Sproutvideo is also a widely used video platform for professionals. Depending on your needs, Sproutvideo has a variety of different plans. You can use their services temporarily with limits for free, but most of the professional and extensive services are $100 per month or less. More expensive options are available if your business requires more space or detailed features. This platform is praised for having more features than some of the other programs, offering more control and creativity in the look and design of your specific video look. Sproutvideo has tools that track your views, allowing you to engage them further and monitor trends in the content you display. The support staff of Sproutvideo has good ratings, too. Their responses are timely and professional, and resolve issues quickly. Sproutvideo is a very businesslike platform, with features that emphasize email communication and provide heatmaps and graphs that organize and follow the activity for each of your videos so that you can see what is getting the most traffic and who is viewing them. Sproutvideo is rated highly in security, as well. You can track video activity in great detail to find out just how far your information is getting spread, and who is spreading the info. Sproutvideo also does not offer live streaming services to compete with Vimeo. As a business tool, some users found that they disliked the amount of video detailing tools because they were mostly for aesthetic purposes and did not do very much to enhance or edit the video itself.


The Vimeo Live platform is ideal for serious businesses who are looking for a clean, organized, and easy program to produce videos for their customer base. Although it is not as well-known as some of the other available video-sharing sites, it is growing in prestige in the business sector, which focuses marketing on audiences who are more likely to be interested in what your business has to offer than if you were to use a more social media oriented platform. Vimeo Live as a new feature is an excellent addition to the growing Vimeo name and will enable marketers to connect more quickly and directly with the public.

A simple and professional 1080p livestream service, Vimeo Live is a new offering from the video hosting giant that is meant to allow users to stream video in real-time for their events.

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Vimeo Live

A simple and professional 1080p livestream service, Vimeo Live is a new offering from the video hosting giant that is meant to allow users to stream video in real-time for their events.

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