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For small to mid-sized organizations, AnyMeeting can be a great solution in meeting the audiences you want and inspire growth and awareness to continue your successful goals.

Whether you’re looking to host a webinar or increase productivity with video conferencing, AnyMeeting offers services to help you accomplish your team’s goals. Whether you’re looking to serve just a small team in an online meeting or address hundreds of guests in a webinar, AnyMeeting can help you meet those needs. This platform is designed to help you continue to grow your business with the communication methods you need. It can be ideal for organizations and businesses on the small to midsize side and can be useful in a variety of industries.

As with other software services, AnyMeeting presents select features depending on the plan level chosen. Knowing which features are associated with each plan can help you determine which best meets your needs, without paying for the features you don’t want. Here, we share what you need to know about AnyMeeting video conference and webinar service.

Valuable Features

In looking for a webinar solution, AnyMeeting offers great solutions through these web features:

  • Audience size – take your next step in growing your awareness and engagement by having up to 1,000 attendees engage in your live webinar. You can also have up to six presenters part of the video at any one time, so you can include the speakers and people you really need to delight and engage your audience. When you record your webinar session, you can also reach an even greater audience base through sharing and posting.
  • Engagement – allow your attendees to ask questions and give real-time reactions through comments and chat capabilities through the AnyMeeting platform. You can also send out polls and question-and-answer options during the webinar so you can be sure you address the topics and content that your audience wants to hear. Allow guests to share their reactions through social media platforms as well to further extend your reach.
  • Screen-Sharing and File Sharing – get your audience what they need to see through easy screen sharing set up to display what you want, and hide what you don’t want to share. You can also pull in pre-recorded material and files into your webinar and integrate them when you want to display them. This feature adds to the presentation while still keeping the set-up and management easy and convenient for you.
  • Mobile-Friendly – if your attendees tend to be always on the go or demand access via mobile options like a phone or tablet, create your webinar to meet their needs. Provide accessibility options they can take advantage of from wherever they are. If attendees can’t access the video feed from their location, they’re still able to dial in through calling the conference call number, as well.
  • Integration – keep all your accounts connected through integration features that can connect to your CRM platform and other business apps that help you keep track of registrations and have all the information you need about your attendees all in one place.
  • Management Tools – organize and run your webinar sessions with ease and efficiency with event management features that help you keep track of all your attendees. Create custom registration forms so you can get the information you want. Send out email reminders to your registered attendees so they can be eager and ready to go when your webinar launches.
  • Follow-Up – keep the conversation going with your attendees even after your live webinar ends with the opportunity to send follow-up emails and surveys to your guests. Easily gauge their reactions and feedback so you can continue to improve your webinar sessions and meet the needs of your valuable clients and potential customers. You can also easily share your slides and presentation with guests for future reference and learning opportunities.


AnyMeeting offers three plan options that are dependent on how many webinar attendees you choose to serve. The Webinar Lite plan is offered at $48 per month and accommodates 50 attendees for your webinar. The Webinar Pro plan costs $128 per month and services 200 webinar attendees. For larger audiences, the Webinar Enterprise plan costs $298 per month and allows you to serve up to 1000 attendees at once. Each of the webinar plan options includes a free trial as wells so you can be confident it’s the right choice for you, risk-free. Each plan also comes along with the same great features that can make your webinar a true success.

AnyMeeting also offers video conferencing plans based on the number of web attendees in your conference call. Their AnyMeeting Pro plan includes up to 30 attendees and is just $13 per month. The AnyMeeting Lite plan services 10 attendees at $10 per month.

Choose the Features that Allow You To Grow

For small to mid-sized organizations, AnyMeeting can be a great solution in meeting the audiences you want and inspire growth and awareness to continue your successful goals. Learn more about AnyMeeting to determine if it’s the right fit for you.  



For small to mid-sized organizations, AnyMeeting can be a great solution in meeting the audiences you want and inspire growth and awareness to continue your successful goals.

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