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GoDaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime rate, and plans that customers can choose from typically range from approximately $4 to $14.

Creating a website is often an essential part of a successful start-up experience for a new endeavor.

A well-designed website will project your image in the best way possible, and will attract the clients and customers you desire.

In order to create that website, a web-hosting service that offers the option of creating an appealing, functional website is critical.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is used to support millions of such websites, and certain web hosting services focus exclusively on hosting it.

GoDaddy is one such service that is certainly worth consideration by the customer who wants a site with many great features, flexible options, and excellent customer service.

GoDaddy Hosting Options

From setting up the page, to software updates and security patches, GoDaddy handles virtually all aspects of maintaining the customer’s WordPress hosting platform.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting features include automatic WordPress set-up, nightly backups, and regular software updates.

GoDaddy prides itself on its promise to handle basic hosting administrative WordPress tasks, such as installing WordPress, ensuring automated daily backups, as well as WordPress core-updates and server level caching.

Other added touches are also included, such as the uploading of thousands of free stock photos to the customer’s medial library, staging for larger plans,  and a nice setup wizard for getting your new website completed.

Site management tools

GoDaddy also provides a multi-site management console, load-balanced servers and SSD storage, DDoS protection and server monitoring, a staging environment to test changes, and a free domain name among other features.

GoDaddy offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime rate, and plans that customers can choose from typically range from approximately $4 to $14.

Security features

GoDaddy offers malware scanning and automatic removal with select plans.  GoDaddy also protects its customers by offering enhanced security through restricting file access and SSL included for one site for improved security (for the Ultimate and Professional plans).

How is GoDaddy’s customer service?

GoDaddy offers a strong customer service support team, which customers can access through an online chat feature, and by phone and email as well.    GoDaddy also offers customers the option of taking interactive walkthroughs to help identify and solve common WordPress issues that may arise.

WP101 is a membership-based commercial package of WordPress tutorials, and GoDaddy customers receive access to 20 of those videos for free.  GoDaddy is known for having a quick response time to customer questions, and for clear, thorough answers.

GoDaddy also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its service plans, so customers can have peace of mind.

Should you host your WordPress site with GoDaddy?

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting makes it easy to create eye-catching, functional, and effective pages. A variety of options make it likely that every customer can find a good fit for their needs, and it offers numerous features of benefit to all.

For customers seeking a versatile, user-friendly web-hosting offering, GoDaddy is an excellent option to consider for your web-hosting needs.


GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

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